Hello everybody, my name is James Kyle and I’m a MProf. Games Development student at the University of Abertay in Scotland. I’m looking to become a tech animator once I graduate having found in my first semester that I quite enjoy rigging. I’m eager to get my hands dirty with the scripting side of things too.



My name is David Martinez.

I’ve been working in the industry as an animator for some years now.
Having said that, problem solving and programming are two subjects that I’ve always found fascinating!
As a consequence, I taught myself how to program in some languages and I’ve end up creating my own tools.

I absolutely love this forum and I think that it’s time to become an active member of the community (sharing ideas, asking questions and trying to help).

All the best!


Hmm, seems I never posted here either! My name is Sophie and I should (all things going well) be graduating this June from Abertay University in Dundee, Scotland. I have no real title as of yet, but I do enjoy rigging and the technical side of art. I just love that this place is a haven for those of us who like art a little more complicated than most! Haha! :wink: I’ve always been fascinated by technology, and my love for art has also always been evident since childhood - so it’s great that a place like this exists!

Hope to learn a lot here and hopefully contribute and give back one day!


hi, my name’s janette goering, and i’m a student at shawnee state university. i hope to finish up my 2 degrees by next may and go off into the big wide world of tech artistry.


Welcome to our new members, and the rest of the post-GDC wave!


My name is Garrett Stevens, and I’m currently a student in Ringling’s Game Art and Design program.
I like to run, fight, sculpt, and sing (terribly and spontaneously).

I’m currently gathering information on setting up and integrating a kinect based mocap lab for my major. I’ll be tossing out a thread in the general section to document my research, progress, problems, ideas, and success with this project.

It’s nice to meet all of you!


Hello all. My name is Philip Morey, and I recently graduated from ITT Tech in Green Bay, WI. Like many of those posting before me, I also focused on 3d Modeling in school, but found that compared to many of the others in my program, actually had aptitude and drive for scripting, and poking and prodding things until they worked right. I thoroughly enjoyed the TA Bootcamp this year at GDC (though a good portion of it went over my head at the time), as well as the portion of the TA roundtable I was able to attend.

Also, a big shout out to Garrett who posted just above. It was great working with you as a CA this year at GDC! Btw, turning a kinect into a mocap system would be amazing. I’m keeping my eyes on you!


Hello everyone! My name is Mathias Røyrvik and I’ve been lurking around for a little while and finally think it about time to start posting. I’m originally from Norway and studied two years at Idefagskolen and I’m currently doing a year at Ravensbourne in London. I love everything 3D, but rigging is what I really like to do, and lately I’ve finally gotten time to look more at scripting.

This is the final product from a course at school, a simple auto rig script. I wrote the whole thing during this weekend, which I’m very pleased with since this is my first “big” script. Now that the first draft is done I’ll jump inn and throw in more functions and clean up stuff.

Looking forward to spending some time with you people :):



My name is Derek and I have lurked here for a little bit. Work in compliance QA for a publisher and I am here trying to learn and grow as much as I can to break into the development side of things. Didn’t make it to GDC but might as well ride the new user wave :slight_smile: Off to the wiki I go!


Hello there everyone!
My name is Gabriel Pettersson. I work as lead (kind of, I’m usually the whole department) rigger and Character TD at Milford Film & Animation ( in Stockholm, Sweden. I studied computer science for three years at university and have been working here for two years since. I am responsible for rigging of characters as well as rigging/animation tool and pipeline development.
I have been looking for a dedicated technical forum for a while because CGTALK’s technical side have been a bit slow lately.
Glad to be part of the community!


I am Jessica Smith. I actually am actually very successful career-wise. I would like to possibly be lucky for each other further. I am a bloke who really loves having a decent time. We’re serious with my task but I do skills to possess fun also.

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Right now, we’re working as the auto mechanic or a businesswoman indulging in Jaguar items like the Land rover discovery parts.

I am interested in this forum coz I know I will meet new friends and imbibe some ideas on how to make games… A wanna be creator of a game :D:


Hey all.

I’m from Volition, having been a technical art director on Summoner2, Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: The Third.

I’ve been in the industry about 16 years and took a step back from directing to get back to working with the teams at a more detailed level.


I just come from Bali,it is very beautiful.
led high bay


My name is Ryan Blanchard. I worked in the games industry full-time for ten years. I left the games industry a few years ago to go back to my first love: electronics and electrical work. I worked as a technical animator, technical artist, environment artist, effects artist, and lighter.

I still do occasional contract work and I sell assets on the Unity asset store.

I have started dabbling in game design and prototyping games.


Hey, my name is Travis Evashkevich.

I’m still a student at the moment, going for my Technical Artist Bachelor Degree with a major of programming(c++, some java, python and learning UnrealScript on the side on my own) in Belgium. I’m originally from Alberta, Canada (the ole frigid North). I hope to learn some extra tips and tricks from you guys that are in the industry (and even those that aren’t probably have some good ones too).

See you around the forums!


Hi, I am Gabe and I an still currently a student. I am going to CSU Chico for a degree in Applied Computer Graphics and am in the process of becoming more of a the artist. I have been in the tech art department of our major’s game studio, Chico State Game Studios, for about a year now and it has been interesting. XD Looking forward to being able to expand my skill set and seeing what challenges he future throws at me.


Welcome to TAO Gabe, if you have any questions about Tech Art or any issues you are tackling, feel free to post and someone will be eager to help you out. :slight_smile:



hi…guys…actually I am an executive at work but personally I am very interested in games designing and developing…knowledge of java
but need some help…glad to be here:):


Hi every one my brief introduction is

Real name- Jackerrn
Gender- male
Age- 28
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Eye colour- brown
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Favourite thing about yourself- self confidence
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Glad to be here among you for learning and sharing lots more with you people.


Hi peeps,

My name is Pete Hanshaw, I’ve been on the forum for a while, but just too damn shy to post. :D:

I’ve been in the game’s industry for almost five years now and although my core focus is on the art side, I’ve always had an interest in tools, pipelines and removing monkey-work from my life.

I used to work for THQ Bluetongue before the bad times and have been at Torus Games in Melbourne for a year or so. I’m a Tech noob but eager to learn! :nod: