Hi all,

My name is Philip Atha, I’m a 3D generalist turned into a tech artist. I’m here to network and hopefully find work! I previously worked for a rail simulation company for the last 4 years. I’m a Unity3D/C# fan but I’d particularly like to learn C++ since it’s still very prevalent.



Hey everyone!

Been a VERY long time since I’ve posted on here. Wanted to stop and say hey, and that I’m back on (I promise, I didn’t die). Hope everyone is doing well. Ping me cause I want to catch up. :slight_smile:


Welcome Back Jon! it’s has been a while but we are still plugging along making good progress in the community. Great to have you back. You should check the Slack Chat that we have going :slight_smile: Everyone is welcome.



I’ve been a long time lurker, but for some reason today I felt like finally saying hello :slight_smile: I’m Yin and I’m a technical artist at Splash Damage. Nice to meet everyone!


Welcome to the forums Yin! :D:


This site has been super helpful in my various MEL/Python/Unity Google dives, so I thought I should pop in and contribute as well. I’m also currently employed as a tech artist for the first time, yay!


welcome N00bs


Hey there. My name is Jeffrey, I’m an animator in San Francisco. I’ve been in the 3D world for nearly 10 years, although I only recently specialized in animation (with rigging and Python on the side). I didn’t think there was much of a tech art community until I very happily stumbled upon these forums last week. I’m currently enjoying building small tools to assist in my own workflow, hoping they are useful to others. Nice to meet you all! I hope to get some cross-pollination among some other communities.


Hi all! My name is Trond. Been lurking around for a little while. I am a Norwegian that recently relocated to Houston, TX. Now working as a good mix of TD, Compositor and 3D generalist for a small marketing team. Been working as a 3D artist since 2004, and I have gradually just moved more and more to the technical side. I do quite a lot of project tool and pipeline scripting, some released on scriptspot and my webpage. I am a hobbyist Unity C# developer, and my goal is to get into VFX within a year or two. Currently I am enrolled in both Allan McKays’s FX Transformation Mentorship and his new Live Action Series. Keeping busy!

This site seems to be a great resource, and I look forward to be more active here :slight_smile:


Welcome to the TAO community guys!


Hey, I’m Ryan currently a 4th year Game Design and Production Management student at Abertay University.

I’m working on becoming a technical artist specializing in rigging and skinning.

My 4th year honours project aim so far is about the current standard of rigging methods in the industry.


Welcome Ryan!




I’m baaaAAAAaaaack.


Oh no.

Also, stop spamming. :slight_smile:


Hello everyone!

Name is Connor, and I am pretty new to the tech artist scene. Glad I was able to get into here. I focus more on game development, but I’ve done basic coding for render farm systems for productions and a bit of Python/MEL. Looking to learn more and happy to be here!


Hey Connor,

Welcome to the community. Feel free to ask any questions you have in the forums, we are all happy to help out.



Ello, I am Jon(or as my friends call me Assan)
I am pretty new to the tech artist stuff, but I ended up doing a lot of stuff in my final project at Full Sail university for game development, and fell in love with it. So I am looking to expand my knowledge on the subject as much as I can(while also furthering my other artistic skills along the way)

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welcome. Don’t forget to check out the slack channel as well:


Thank you ^^ I jumped right on that, I appreciate the help