Hey guys, great site!
I’m Andrea I’m an animator but now and I’m studying rigging.
Hope to find a great technical artists community here :smiley:

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Welcome to the community @Assan and @Fungoid



I’m Paco!!!

Decided to give rigging another try, so I’m joining the community since all my friends have already re-located for career jobs in the field. Trying to surround myself with other like minded people with the same interest (rigging TD) and stay motivated!! hope to learn a lot before siggraph 2018

time to go H.A.M!!!


Hi Everyone,

I am Andrew, and a student looking to go into Tech Art after school. I heard about this from GDC this year and wanted to stay in touch. Currently, I am studying computer science at the University of Michigan - Flint. I am obviously more on the tech side, but I am hoping to be able to learn and grow. From my interactions at GDC, I’m positive this is the place to do it.


Welcome n00bs! don’t forget to check out our slack channel at for live chat as well. The magnifying glass at upper right is the search button, if you’re looking for answers here


Hey, Everyone!

My name is Ryan, I’m a student at Staffordshire University (UK) studying BA(Hons) Game Art - In my second year of undergrad studies and hoping to go on to be a game technical artist in the industry after my third year :slight_smile:

Looking forward to chatting to you all!


Hi all. Looks like I know a good number of the really talented people on here already, looking through some of the names :wink: Have heard about this site for a number years, figured I’d hop on and have a look.

I’ve been a CG Supervisor for almost 20 years in theme park rides, film vfx, and video games. CG Sup at EA for about 14 of those years, am on Madden currently.


Hello! :smiley:

My name is Ryan, and I’m currently a junior Technical Artist at a large tech company. Our Lead TA recommended this site to me to learn more about how diverse this role can be, and I’m glad I joined. I’m self-taught primarily, so I can’t wait to learn more and contribute to TAO!


Hey all! I’m Chonny, a technical art lead in Boston, MA. I’ve been a long time lurker, figured it was time to make it official!

I’ve been doing this in the gaming industry for about thirteen years now. I started as an animator and did some time as an FX artist. I still fill those roles on occasion, but ultimately, I’m a tech artist. Can’t wait to dive in with you guys!


welcome new folks! And don’t forget to check out our slack channel for daily chat too

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