Pyblish 1.0 Alpha

I’d like to introduce the 1.0 alpha release of Pyblish.

Pyblish is a plug-in driven automation framework for content and solves the issue of maintaining a fixed level of quality throughout resources shared amongst artists within an organisation.

Some of its benefits are:

[li]Higher quality content[/li][li]Greater reuse of content[/li][li]Lower iteration time[/li][li]Shortened learning curve[/li][/ul]

To get started, head on to the Guide.

[li]The Guide[/li][li]Usergroup[/li][li]Wiki[/li][li]Contribution guidelines[/li][/ul]

The alpha comes with an Autodesk Maya integration, a few demo plugins and example scenes to help you get started. If you’ve got any questions, post here, comment at the bottom of The Guide or in the Usergroup. If you find anything missing or is wrong in the guide, either tell us about it or fork the repository in which it lies and submit a pull-request.

Coming up next is GUIs, various other integrations - like for Nuke and Houdini - along with extensions - such as for Asana and Open Metadata. But we need your help! If you’d like to be part of something great and want to contribute, speak up or contact me directly at [email protected]

Looking forward to seeing what you can make with it!

All the best,
Abstract Factory Ltd. and the Pyblish contributors