Advice on C project of decent size and complexity?


Im planning to learn C pretty soon (start of this fall maybe?) as a step of further growing towards technical art. My idea is that it will make it easier to then transition to C++.
I know Python, MEL, Photoshopscripting (VBScript, Javascript) and a couple web languages already so I dont think Im going to have a hard time.

I know that I learn faster if I have a real project to work on, and thats where my issue currently is:
I have no idea what I want - or shall I say: CAN - do with C thats related to technical art. Any ideas or suggestions?

(Also worth noting is that we develop in Unity at my workplace - so anything related to that is a plus)


im learning c# for similar reasons, (c++ is next). I’m trying to do a simple property grid that displays info from mongodb. I think a simple property grid might be good though. Other ideas are a maya plugin or a python extension that does something computationally heavy?

gl hf :slight_smile: