Another Python -> JS transpiler



This one looks pretty good. I’ve been liking RapydScript but it’s got some minor deviations from regular python style that I don’t like. This one looks a bit more limited but more straightforward (and it doesn’t require an npm install to work… it does however require Java for some reason).


What have you been using it for? Photoshop? Web wackiness?


Not work, at least not yet. But a good browser based platform is a cool thing to have


So, I’ve actually got this working to run Three.js in the browser with python. It works right now, but I haven’t had a chance to really dig under the hood. In particular I’d love to extend the Three.js vector and matrix classes with python style operator overloading to support things like V1 += V2, that’d be excellent but it’s one place where the JS bones show through