Are UDK tutorials on the particle system still relevant?


I’m a beginner to UE4 and game engines in general. The area that I enjoy the most is the particle creation/VFX side. Beyond youtube videos and teaching myself I would some like more substantial tutorials. I’ve noticed that in general there’s an abundance of UDK tutorials for the particle editor (rightfully so with it being older) and not as many for UE4. I was wondering if UDK tutorials are still relevant - mainly those found on 3Dmotive/ImbueFX before I spend money on tutorials? Thanks in advance.


There are some changes to Cascade in UE4 but the base idea is the same. The UI might not be an exact replica but you should be fine with the documentation at hand. I say get a few popular YT tutorials and give it a go.


Yes they absolutely are still relevant and old UDK videos helped me a lot when I was starting to learn this topic. I highly recommend you check out Bill Kladis and ImbueFX for tutorials on this topic.