Automate footfall detection



One of our audio guys asked me about automating the timing of footstep data.
This would require identifying the frame in maya where the rig’s foot strikes the ground.
I’m certain I am not the first TA to deal with this.

My first idea is to brute force query the .ty value of left and right foot at every frame.
But maybe there is a more elegant maya node arrangement that can get me the data?


should be able to compare the position against a pre-defined value on a Condition node. Change the Condition Test to whatever is most appropriate.


You can also add a custom float attribute on the foot, then set the value using an expression so it will always reflect the ‘upness’ or ‘downness’ of the foot. An expression can look forward or back in time, so it can feather the value in using positional stablility as well. If your pipeline supports animating custom attributes you can just export that data and use it as the lock value