Back from GDC: Slides, and looking forward


So first, the useful information. I’m going to host or link to any GDC 2010 slides people give me. Just PM or post in this thread, and I’ll edit this post. If you have questions about the slides, please start a thread in General Discussion.

Rob Galanakis: The Old Republic’s Object Model Pipeline
GDC Preview:

My slide notes are fully narrated, so reading them will be much faster and much more effective than the shoddy job I did presenting.

Notes and slides PDF:
Slides only PDF:
Zip file containing all:

Georg Zoeller: Development Telemetry

Drew Skillman: VFX of Brutal Legend


You can also find some miscellaneous Autodesk presentations at


The number one comment I got during GDC about TAO was, “where the hell are those t-shirts, man?” The answer is really that: I had burned myself out on TAO before last GDC. Now it took another GDC to energize myself to get back into things. I’m going to sell the Droid I got at GDC, and buy as many friggin T-Shirts as I can, to give out. Stay tuned for some other announcements over the coming weeks, as well. I want to get TAO back on the track it was, doing more interesting things than just being a message board.

Thanks again to everyone for a wonderful GDC!


Thank you for posting your slides rob!

i’ve been trying to contact people on the forums asking for their high res version of their pictures so i could print my own t-shirt. and hearing these news about TAO sound awsome :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing, Rob. I didn’t have a chance to make it to your talk so appreciate being able to have a look afterward.

I’m curious to know if you have ever looked at the Unity engine. Although it implements many of the specifics differently, I think its asset “pipeline” (if you want to use that word in its case) does implement a number of the higher-level features you described, provided that my understanding of your presentation notes is fairly proximate.


Just adding my thanks for posting your complete notes here. It’ll give me a chance to understand them properly :wink:


Sweet, my slides and sample code will be along next week, thanks for hosting!


Thanks for posting!


Thanks for posting the slides Rob! I’m looking forward to going over them more carefully along with the notes I was scrambling to write as you were presenting.


Thx for posting the slides Rob! I couldn’t get into your session because apparently it was filled with modelers…


Can we have a new motto on the t-shirt?

I was thinking:

“Tech Animators are Irrelevant” or even better, “I am Irrelevant!”




Nice work Rob.

It was great to catch up with you guys and have a face to the posts.



Thanks for hosting!


Many thanks for putting the slides up so promptly - it was a great talk, easily the most useful one that I attended :slight_smile:

I still think you should have taken that Russian guy up on his offer to publish your game :wink:


Hehe, sorry for bringing up those T-shirts! But I appreciate everything you’ve done for the site to keep the community going!


Thanks for the slides :slight_smile:


I notice Drew Skillman’s posted up his slides from Brutal Legend:

I’m looking forward to seeing the other talks…


Thanx for posting…


Autodesk has a lot of stuff here:

Haven’t watched all of them, but Uncharted 2 and Dragon Age were good.


Updated with Drew’s and the AD links.


Thanks for posting the slides, it does reinforce the talk well :slight_smile:


thanks for sharing them slides.