Blogging solution recommendations


Hello all,

After a long hiatus I would like to go back and blog some again - mostly to share all the tutorials and tips and tricks I collected in the last years.


  • I want to be able to customize the blog to fit the rest of my page. So no ads or other crap. I want to be able to edit a theme.
  • Doesn’t have to feature discussions;
  • I prefer simple over sophisticated. A chronological list with tags and RSS is pretty much all I need.
  • Can be static, e.g. a generator like Pelican where I upload everything
  • …or it can be hosted.

I could roll my own solution and spend a few days coding, but then again there may be just something ready made out there.
My last blog was Wordpress but even that was too much hassle with all the plugins, the security scares, managing spam, etc. Due to its popularity there seems to be a whole industry of trolls out there just to hassle Wordpress users…

If anyone has suggestions for a light weight blogging solution, please post them.


I’ve not used it, but I’ve heard decent things about
Seems to be one part static site generator, one part CMS.
Last time I did any major updates to my site, I was using pelican.


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