[C++, API] Maya copying skin weights advice



Hey guys, I am creating a tool to copy weights from a bunch of our assets from 4 different scenes. Just looking for some ideas.

Currently my plan is to have an artist open one of the 4 scenes (containing a skeleton and the mesh with skin weights) then run the tool by selecting (or inputting) a directory path, then batch out all the assets in that directory with the currents scenes skeleton and weights.

How I am going to batch them: I’m going to import the new asset into the scene (Giving them a name space to remove later or use to select), bind it to the skeleton then copy the weights from the first asset to the target asset. I was just going to use the current Maya ‘Bind skin’ & ‘Copy Skin Weights’ tool just call it as a python command. Unless you think there is a better API call (I can’t seem to find anything that can bind and copy weights in the API), I’m not looking at reinventing the wheel.