Cloth riggign in Maya



Hey, I am using and I have character with full sleeve shirt and loose reflexive jacket as shown in the link. I want it to collide with arm as well as simulate as real cloth. But i don’t want to use cloth simulation. I would like create a rig for it is there a way to do it using joints. Is there a way to do it?…0…1c.1.64.img…0.2.239…35i39k1j0i10i24k1j0i30k1.0.ookd_x_4zag


Just to clarify, you’re looking for a way to simulate the cloth, without actually relying on a cloth simulation?

Or are you looking for a way to bake a simulation down to the joints, so that you don’t have to rely on a cloth simulation at runtime?


Hi, I saw that someone was using dynamic joints for draps and other person was using muscle to collide a neck with collar. I want to use something like that. But I want to keep the cloth simulation as last option.


do you mean something like this?


XD, yeah some thing like that.


There was something about this on the mGear forums recently.


There are a few ways to achieve cloth rigs in Maya that can get you some really decent results. Using things like splineIK’s or motion paths for examples to simulate the cloth sliding. For collisions you could use a driver of your choice, depending on your character, you could use anything from a pose reader, angle reader, distance readers, etc. Even utilizing the muscle system’s keep out nodes.

Oh! You could also look into the membrane node, it’s essentially a cloth node that’s implemented with regular input/output dirty propagation simulating with maya’s viewport refresh rate.

I had created a quick demo for cloth rigs which you can take a look here:

It’s not perfect, but with some cleanup it could work out!


Hi, thanks for explaining it in details and what I can use, I will definetly try the stuff you mentioned :slight_smile: