Cloud-based video review software


Hi all,

I’m in a studio of 15-20 artists looking at using ftrack or Shotgun for their Review functionality but feel they both involve a few too many other things to be used in such a limited fashion.

Then there are the likes of and Wipster that offers just the things I’m looking for at the moment, which is:

  • Uploading of footage (to YouTube would be ok) securely
  • Commenting, with user accounts
  • And making annotations on video

Ideally, I was hoping for an open source solution that I could later customise to better fit into our pipeline. For example, I’d like users to browse projects for footage, such as past dailies, to stay up to date with the progress of their co-workers.

Does anyone know of an open source solution that fulfils the above requirements? Alternatively, just more options. What are you guys using? Has anyone built their own web-based video annotation mechanism?