Community Roundup (8/18 to 9/3)


[legend]Bi-Weekly Roundup[/legend]

There have been a few interesting ‘either/or’ discussions the past couple weeks:
What 3D software does your studio use?
NVIDIA or ATI Video Cards?

The 3d software thread gave rise to an interesting discussion: Blender… what up?

If you haven’t heard, XSI 7 has released. The tech world is abuzz with its ICE tool. Check out the discussion about it here.

And finally, I’ve made a request for anyone with experience releasing a studio’s scripts to please PM me.

Our first contest has wrapped up. Winners and the new contest will be announced in the next Community Roundup. Thanks to all who entered, and everyone who has contributed towards making TAO a better and more informed place.

Look for our interview with Steve Theodore, Technical Director at Bungie, to be posted in the coming week.

A bit of news on the community scripts front. Aryeh, our new admin, has been working on some forum plugins that will make it possible for users to make their own code repositories, and push and pull from public script repositories as well. This should be a real step forward for the community as a whole, and make code sharing on a significant scale a reality, instead of just a good idea.
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Thanks for sharing this information and i am going to check it out.