Current status of the wiki


Alright, so various pieces of good news and bad news.

The good news is, the Wiki is working as-was (
The bad news is, as-was is from October 2011.
The good news is, this is after I locked down the Wiki to stop spammers and because there was little activity.
The bad news is, upgrading to the latest version, which we’d need to do to stem the spam, has been a nightmare (also, they don’t support the version of PHP we’re running on, but that’s PHP’s fault).
The good news is, we may not bother updating the Wiki, and should just talk to Polycount about joining theirs.

I’m not ready to add a link back to the main page yet, but at least the wiki is up: . Tell me if you find any problems.

I’ll post at Polycount today and we’ll see what happens.


If you want any volunteers to move content over hit me up :slight_smile:


Yeah, if there is a way I can help, let me know rob!