Did some housecleaning


I performed the following forum moves and changes:
[li]I merged the contents of the Community Scripts forum and subforums into their appropriate forums and removed the forum, as the initiative is dead for now.
[/li][li]I put the aggregate RSS as a forum redirect.
[/li][li]I hid the Wiki forum redirect while it’s done, I’ll add it back once it’s working again.
[/li][li]I archived a couple private forums.
[/li][li]Merged the Wiki forum into this forum.

Overall I’m aiming to create a more streamlined, concise TAO experience. We’ve accumulated more than enough cruft, and it’s time to clean up.


sounds good! I’m quite happy with this forum so far.

edit: nevermind. was looking for a feature that didn’t show up. but now it all works. good job!