Direct Selection of Character Controls in Maya



Any idea on how to create a direct selection in Maya without duplicating the mesh.
Like this video from Stephen Candell.

Is there a way to get the click in screen space.


I’m not aware of any. I know Houdini is looking into implementing this directly (or already has), but if memory serves it’s the same idea. Might be worth looking into though.


The draggerContext command will let you do limited callback functions on mouse moves. You can set the context and query it’s current position (in a number of different projections).

DraggerContext does not report object hits, but you can get that using the maya API. You get an mFnMesh object (in this case, for the controls), get a ray point from the draggerContext, then call allIntersections() on the mesh to find out where if at all it was hit.

It’s a bit ass backward but it’s doable – particularly if you’re not trying to hit test against all the meshes in the scene, but only against the control meshes


Something similar I guess is done by Gwen Frey in this video


I found this

from Federik Averpil
You can add an array attribute containing the faces of a control and bingo you can select a control linked to a face.