Do you want to keep the 'company badges'?


The company badges, while a cool idea, are generally pretty out of date and useless now. I want to remove them and the user groups. Any objections?


I like the company badges, but they are a bit of a chore to maintain. Since you’re the one that has to accept new ones and get them into the system, I’d say it’s your call.


I figure, there are always signatures, and I could keep the badges available on the server for linking. Or if someone tells me a way to allow it in the user box (to the left of the post) we could have that, as long as I can kill these 80 usergroups and support burden.


I think keeping them on the server and throwing them into signatures is fine. It’s a cool thing to have on the side in addition to an avatar, but I don’t think having all the groups is the best way to handle the badge.


We should be able to add some additional code into the User CP in to allow users to upload a company badge. I like the idea of the company badges, and I agree that we should only have them if there is no support burden.


a quick fix for this would be to have a template avatar box with a bottom area people could just put the company badge in themselves. it would basically be the same thing…minus the pain in the ass.


I really like the badges too, there a nice touch… but I agree leaving it to the user is the way to go.


Being able to upload your own badge together with a direct link to a website when the badge is pressed would be awesome. I like the badges, but they shouldn’t have to be managed by anyone except the users them self.




I like that idea! Not sure what it’d take to implement, though…


I can add that in, with little issue.

I’ll sort that out and have that option added.


Company URL has been added. You can find the field just below Company, in the Edit Profile -> Additional Information section


That was fast Butters! Thank you very much :smiley:


Np, it’s ready and waiting for your Avatar,Company Badge and Company URL :wink:


yes of course i like company badges,Its nice wear inside and especially outside to show off…hehhe…:D: