FBX running into export issues


I’m trying to tame the FBX exporter so that we can wrap it neatly into our exporter systems for ProPack but, as usual whenever we delve into fbx there are issues and you end up pulling your hair out. What we’re trying to do is to offer a neat fbx export pipeline that then ties into all the MetaData systems within Red9, this is all running nicely but we want to expand the fbx support and thats where things start to look flaky…

So there are a few things that are currently breaking and I’m not sure if it’s just fbx or if there’s something else going on here, all of the issues we’re seeing are also evident just from the standard exportSelection call from the file menu.

Firstly even with a simple referenced rig in the scene tand the skeleton selected he ‘BakeAnimation’ from the default export UI doesn’t actually run at all in Maya 2016 sp6, it does in SP2 though, is this a known thing? It runs from the gameExporter UI but not the native fbx export options. Now when called in code it’s fine so that’s not a big worry, just strange that it doesn’t run from default UI’s.

The big issue is that if I save as FBX ASCII the file doesn’t actually load the data back, in binary all is good, but I’ll be damned if I can actually get an fbx ASCII to load any data back. Again it doesn’t seem to matter if it’s done in code or from the UI.

Can anybody else either confirm these issues or throw any light on them




Are you running a function for explicitly setting your fbx options, each time you import /export? That’s approach that seems required.


I’m certainly doing it for export, on import I’m just testing things at the moment as I really want to just set the main preset and import. As I mentioned, the fbx binary all runs fine but I’ll be damned if I can get an ASCII importing anything, and thats with exactly the same export and import settings as the binary (except obviously for the export ASCII flag)

Basically I’m trying to do things manually first, make sure that the fbx flags run as expected, then coding the options but it seems like the AD implementation of the options themselves don’t do as expected. Exporting in code works fine, but the ACSII load loads nothing!!!

I want to at least get all this side running before then busting the fbx out with the PythinAPI to clean it all up



Keeping in mind that I may be wrong, as my experience was in 3ds Max…but with FBX plugin, we found that if you import / export via scripts, without explicitly setting the fbx options, the software defaults to it’s user settings, whatever was last manually specified in the GUI. We ended up fully setting every flag for each import and export. Is it possible your import type was manually specified as .mb, or some other type?