Finding and selecting fliiped (red-colored) UVs


Hi all, I have several models in my scene that contains flipped uvs (those colored in red when opening in UV editor) and each mesh contains a mixture of red and blue ones (blue are the correct uvs)

While I can manually select each/ all of these red colored uvs and flip them inidvually per mesh, it is a hassle as I will need to select only the red-color ones since I will need to go through each of them.

I tried to write a python script but unable to find any commands in the maya cmds documentation that will allow me to find and select these red uvs/faces.

Wondering if anyone know of any similar commands that I can use?


What you’re looking for is a method to calculate the UV winding order.

Basically you need to identify whether the uvs are going in a clockwise (blue) or counterclockwise (red) order for each of the faces.


Hi, could you kindly give me an insight on how to start?
Based on what you have mentioned, I suppose using maya.cmds may not be possible for my scenario?