GDC 2019 Tech Art Bootcamp Call for Submissions!



We’re accepting talk submissions for the 2019 Technical Artists Bootcamp, which will be part of the 2019 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, CA.

Crisis Management

Tech Art life is all about living with chaos, whether it’s an underperforming engine, sudden change in creative direction or a new mandate from your publisher; the only thing a Tech Artist can be sure of is that they’ll have to scramble to cope with today’s newest emergency.

For this year’s Tech Art Bootcamp we’re looking for talks that give the audience coping skills for the hectic, unpredictable world of Technical Art. The idea could cover a wide range of sub-disciplines: whether it’s writing code that survives sudden changes in direction, designing rigging systems that accommodate character designs in flux, using graphics profiling to find sudden perf problems, or figuring out help your artists make a difficult technology transition. The common takeaways should be strategies, habits, and war stories that help all kinds of TAs prosper in an environment where nothing is the same from week to week.

About the bootcamp

The Tech Art Bootcamp, now entering its eighth year, is a full-day summit at GDC where tech artists from all over the games industry and around the world gather to share knowledge and learn from each other. The bootcamp is an excellent way for a technical artist to learn how to present at GDC and similar event – and we are always interested in hearing from new voices. Typical talks are 50-55 minutes with accompanying slides or other presentation materials.

Every session should have a clear set of takeways – concrete advice to follow, lessons learned, or new ways of thinking about common problems in technical art. For some advice on what makes a good talk, consider this article or this one.

The bootcamp still will review the talks over the end of the summer, at the same time as other GDC talks are being evaluated. The talks that get accepted will be evolved and mentored between September and the end of December, with feedback from peers and the organizers of the bootcamp to help presenters give the best possible talk.


If you have an idea for a talk topic want some feedback, please contact Matt Oztalay, Jeff Hanna, or Steve Theodore. One of the many great things about the bootcamp is that it’s a great opportunity for new speakers to make their way onto the GDC stage. If you’re interested, don’t hesitate to ask!

Ready to submit? Head on over to the submission form!



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