Get all registered DAG node types



Hi everyone, I know the command to get every node types:

import maya.cmds as cmds

But I was wondering how I could filter this list to only get DAG node types.

Thanks in advance,



Have a look at the other flags for ls, especially allPaths, assemblies, and dagObjects.


Thanks for the reply, but what I’m looking for is node types (not nodes) that can be set as children of a DAG node.

For example, node with animCurveTA type can’t be set as child of any transform nodes, but nodes with mesh types can. So I’m looking for a way to filter all node types to keep only those.


Try this:
cmds.nodeType('dagNode', derived=True, isTypeName=True)

Also, if you want to test an individual node, you can do the following:
cmds.objectType(nodeName, isa='dagNode')


This is perfect! :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot mate!