Get objects that are not uv-ed


Hi all,

I have this model in which some of the geometries within are not uv-ed.
As in, you select the geometry >> open up uv editor >> it is blank.

And so it is causing some problems with a script I am doing. Are there any ways in which I can use python to check for such geos with the blank uvs?

FYI, there is only 1 uv set for this model.


If this is in Maya. Something like this should work and be pretty fast. For some reason though even if you delete all the uvs in a set one uv still seems to be mapped somewhere.

from maya import cmds

def find_unmapped_meshes():
	unmapped_meshes = []
	for mesh in'mesh'):
		uvs = cmds.polyListComponentConversion(mesh, toUV=True)
		uvs =, fl=True)
		if len(uvs) < 2:
	return unmapped_meshes


Hi, thanks. your code works totally to my cause.

However I think there is a mistake in your code.
It should be

if len(uvs) < 2:


You are totally correct. Fixed that so anyone else won’t get tripped up by my goof.


On a related note, this is a good use case for minq

where the query would be:

from minq import *
no_uvs = Meshes().where_not(lambda p: using(p).get(UVPointCount).first())

Which roughly means:

from all meshes get the ones where the UV point count is not above 1

Minq’s got a bit of a learning curve but once you get used to it this sort of thing becomes very simple


are you looking for meshes that have completely empty UV sets or meshes that are only partially covered by a uv set?