HealthValidations - shameless plug ;)


Though this may be of interest to a few of you. This is our main HealthValidation API in the Red9 ProPack which we use to death internally to ensure all client deliveries match the required spec. It’s really easy to write your own test compounds and crucially shows you the results in a simple traffic light based UI. May give a few of you some ideas as I can’t imagine production now without this kind of validation in place

Incidentally, if you’ve every faced the FBX blendshape index issues where animation gets loaded to the wrong blend index take a look :wink:

cheers all


This looks awesome. Can I ask if/how/where this API is available? Looks to be bundled with ProPack, just wondering if it’s possible to use just this API. Either way, this is great, and definitely gives me some ideas.


This is indeed part of the ProPack codebase and ties into a lot of the other systems in there, especially the ProjectManager API and Perforce hooks etc. ProPack has been out for a while so drop me a mail if you’d like to give it a spin :wink:



For lurkers – even if you don’t use Red9, this is a good example of a nice way to provide validation UI to your users. Checklists ftw!