Help Flowbox get into Disney Accelerator Application


You’ve heard about Flowbox ? I think Flowbox is a potential game changer in vfx software development and we can help them.
Flowbox is a next generation visual effects platform.
We could help develop software Flowbox and help Flowbox get into Disney Accelerator Application.

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More information about Flowbox FX:


Luna? Why does everyone feel like they have to invent their own language…


Well, I can relate to what you’re saying, learning an new language seems more and more reduntant with so many packages adopting Python, but to be fair most software seem to ship with their own language. MEL, MaxScript, Blueprint and ActionScript to name a few. New high-performance languages seem to have blossomed as well along with the introduction of LLVM, which I’d expect to be in some way related to Luna and KL.


The amount of vapour is pretty staggering at this time and i agree to some extent with betribble. For KL i can see the reasons it was developed. For Luna, there is not enough information i’d say.


And why on earth does everyone choose the nuke color scheme thes days. Even TAO lol


the dark gray is easier on the eyes… I do not miss the grand old days of light gray and white GUIs :slight_smile:


Agreed. I was not talking about the dark gray though, but about the orange as highlight.



Not including robust python support in any serious CG production software is a serious oversight in 2015