Here for the first time - self intro


Hi Tech Artists,
I discover this last week while seeking for new forums to share Ian Failes farewell to FXInsider’s final exclusive members’ only
interview with an amazing ScanlineVFX senior VFX artist (see - temporary link courtesy of FXInsider so
read it while you can :slight_smile:

I really like TAO as it is one of the best organized, my work is social media so I should know :slight_smile: I manage eight social media
groups/pages and youtube, vimeo, youku (oriental) channels. Hopefully, what I can posts and share
here will also benefit those interested - mostly, my area would be tech artists’ latest work as well as helpful tutorials (especially
vfx for movies, games and commercial animations); archViz images - 3dsMax–thinkingParticles is our cuppa. We do have some
maya-relevant post sometimes like how to import TP particle system into Maya from Max with Alembic.
Again areas of interests to share tuts and RnD and reels/images:
VFX (Max_TP) Movies
VFX (Max_TP) Games cinematics
ArchViz (finalRender/ moskitoRender)
Videomapping 3d mapping
Medical vfx animations
Commercial vfx productions
Tutorials related to the above
Interviews with talented artists

I hope as well to share some of our New Talent, Professionals insights interviews - an awesome pool of technical info as well as a
place for HR talent hunters to look for amazing hires for the many productions studios.

You can find my bio here.
And my facebook page.

I will be taking a bit of time today to share a few pertinent things that I hope will be of interest in the appropriate categories.
I will therefore be posting more than usual - forgive me - since I only discovered and got approved today and have a few recent
still-in-time stuff to share. Hope you will find them useful - feedback always welcomed :slight_smile:

Zedar TW
lives on an island (where else…?)