ikMulti-Chain Solver parenting question



Hello Guys.

I was exploring better IK solvers to try and create a auto rigging script and I came accross something that seems a bit off. and was seeking opinions or a way to by pass this.

select -clear;
joint -p -5.183001 0 2.468153 ;
joint -p -2.945067 0 -3.260179 ;
joint -e -zso -oj xyz -sao yup joint1;
joint -p 4.037888 0 -2.578265 ;
joint -e -zso -oj xyz -sao yup joint2;
joint -p 5.253346 0 3.772522 ;
joint -e -zso -oj xyz -sao yup joint3;
string $ikmc_solver = ’ createNode ikMCsolver ’ ; // <-- used similar character
ikHandle -name Something -startJoint joint1 -endEffector joint4 -solver $ikmc_solver;
select -r Something joint1 ;
doGroup 0 1 1;

*note: replace ’ for the correct character. sorry for this I donno how to maintain the `.

you can rotate any bone in the middle of the chain, here you will notice that the handle remains in place. but if you unparent the handle and place it under the world you will see the handle will move freely like in FK when you do so.

//unparent the handle
select -clear;
select -r Something ;
parent -w;

//Command to use in both situations
select -r joint2 ;
rotate -r -os -fo 0 118.299737 0 ;

is there a way to maintain the behaviour that you have when the handle is parented under the world even when I parent it into something else?

Thanks in advanced.


What happens if you unparent the handle but constrain it to something else?


if the handle is parented to Anything at All it will remain in place and this behaviour is not like the one I expected from the autodesk videos about it.

is there a way to avoid this change?

the video that thought me about it: