Importing rigs from older versions of 3ds Max


Hi Tech Artists,

I’m currently trying to import a rigged and animated Falcon model into 3ds Max 2017 (I think the model itself was produced in 2013) but I get a list of errors about the BindPose which means that all of the rig controls don’t work and the wings don’t flap.

Can anyone advise me on what I should change or if there is a way around these version compatibility issues, please?




Both of your attached images are too small to be readable.*


You mentioned the model itself was produced in 2013, so I’m assuming you mean Max 2013? If you can hunt down the source .max files instead, that’s likely going to guarantee your best chance at preserving what was done. But since you seem to have just the FBX, it’s a bit tricky to diagnose how to get around compatibility issues. Even then, that may not be why you’re having trouble. Depending on your rig controls, you may not be able to preserve 100% of its integrity - Max tends to throw away most constraints/wired connections with an FBX export (at least back in 2013). So you may be looking at re-creating the rig connections from scratch.

Oh and as Jeff said, your images are too small. :slight_smile: