Installing PILLOW 3.4.2 for Maya 2016



I need to build Pillow-3.4.2 for Maya 2016 as I need to convert some DDS files to TGA in a tool I’ am writing. i have previously built Pillow-2.8.1 and that worked fine but did not have support for dds files.

Would anyone have any instructions on how to do this as the steps I was using to build the older version of PILLOW don’t work as I seem to be getting an error related to zlib

ValueError: zlib is required unless explicitly disabled using --disable-zlib, ab

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


It sounds like you’re missing some dependencies.

In particular zlib, but you might get yelled at for others once you clear that one up.


I have tried to build the zlib library which is what I assume it is looking for but as I’ am not a coder I have hit a wall. I have tried google and the usual places but I have had no luck.


I’ll see if I can sneak some time to give it a try.
Though with luck maybe someone else out there has already hit their head against this wall.


Awesome thanks that would be huge help if you do get a spare few mins.


So I wasn’t able to get this working, hunting down the dependencies was more annoying than I thought it would be.

But I was wondering, does whatever it is you’re doing have to run from Maya?
Could you for instance use a regular python installation to handle the actual conversion process?

Alternatively have you looked at maybe using Wand?


Thanks for trying.

Yes it has to be called from within Maya so I have been looking at image magick today which has pretty much what I need.


Nice. Glad you found a solution.


Takes a little work to write a wrapper for it, but you could transition away from PIL and use OpenCV2+imageio+Numpy instead. Made the transition a while back at work due to a few PIL limitations and maya compatibility annoyances. Going this route will give you a lot more control over the image operations too, which i consider a big advantage over PIL, but you’ll need to acomidate for more in the wrapper before it’s as straightforward to use.


How much of a pain is it to build all of those from source?


Imageio just needs Numpy. Believe I was able to find a whl of that that did not require a recompile to work with the maya version I’m on. Had similar luck with openCV2, which is only required for image operations btw.

PIL has conflicts when the visual studio version it was compiled with does not match the python build Autodesk compiles for maya. In my experience that has not been the case with these alternatives. Not that there couldn’t be a conflict in the future, but so far everything has just worked.

I’ve been able to successfully perform my image actions in both environments from the same modules. PIL was a pain, requiring a seperate build for both the maya version and standard python 2.7.