Is there a bug with "New Posts" link?


Hi Rob and everyone,

I noticed something that might be a bug. I’ve always used the “New Posts” link on the front page to look at all the new posts.

But the number of results no longer corresponds to that number. This morning said “New Posts: 20” but it took me to 5 results, which happens to be the number of posts in “Today’s Posts”. So I am missing some posts from my last visit.

Is anyone else noticing this?


I experienced something similar but it was when the site had just been updated so I took no real notice. I haven’t noticed it as of late.


We’ve recently changed how new posts are tracked. Keep an eye on it and tell us if it happens again.


Yeah Rob, it still appears to be happening. Today it reported “New Posts: 19” and when I clicked on that it went to the results screen “Results 1 to 10 of 10.” and that included a few extra posts under the header: “The threads below have not been updated since your last visit but still contain unread posts.”

When I navigate to “Forum” -> “Quick Links” -> “Today’s Posts” I appear to get the same number of results as when clicking on “New Posts: 19” so I think “New Posts: 19” is just showing “Today’s Posts”.

And just in case, I am not talking about the “What’s New” link which shows a summary of replies and threads.


I’ve switched over the Tracking mode for posts, if this doesn’t work then I’ll dig a little deeper.

Thanks Chris.


The only problem I seem to have is when I am logged in, idle perhaps, then I click on new posts, It seems to want me to re-login, which when that occurs it resets the “new posts” to zero.