Looking for a new skin


So it looks like our previous skin will not be coming back- we of course have all the custom images and whatnot, but the theme itself seems to have disappeared along with the vendor we bought it from. So we’re on the lookout for a new theme, if you find something similar to the old theme, please PM me. I’d like to keep the black and orange combo. I considered discussing changing it but I feel it identifies the site at this point, even if something else (black and blue!) would be cooler. Of course if it is a good dark theme I can always change the color (like I may do with this one). It can be a purchasable theme, does not have to be free.

I’ll be quite busy with other forum stuff so I’ll fix this guy up a little bit but please keep an eye out for another theme.



For what it’s worth, I personally really like the dark + orange theme. It seems appropriately sleek and techy to me, and I agree with you. It has indeed become part of the site’s visual identity. By the way, I appreciate your efforts in creating and fostering this site and the tech. art community more generally.


Are you upgrading the forum? I’m not understanding what is forcing you to look for a new theme


The post is quite old, I rebuilt the theme when the forum died last year. I too do like the color scheme.

I did however delete the spammer who brought this thread back to the top.



now i get it