Looking for advice on Asset Management for Mid-Sized studios


Hello! This is my first post here, I searched around and found a few similar posts, but most are pretty old, so I hope this is ok.

I am doing some research to setup an asset management system for work

What I have so far:

These are the heavy-weights I guess, there is also Tactic

Does anyone have other suggestions that they have working well in a small to medium sized studio? Perhaps Opensource or custom solutions?
this post from '15 was pretty helpful as well


Maybe http://pyblish.com/ ??

Look into the plugins for it.

I do not know what has become of ‘the sunday pipeline’ project but maybe you could look into that?



Looks interesting, I’ll have a closer look today, thanks for sharing!


The other thing to keep in mind is what kind of project. Generally Shotgun and similar products dominate in film and VFX production, were managing time and notes is the biggest problem to solve, and Perforce is the usual go-to in game production where it’s more important to be able to manage a horizontal slice of the whole project at a given point in time.


That’s an interesting point, I don’t have any experience with Perforce, I have used SVN a bit and assumed that Perforce is sort of the same?

in past Game Projects I worked in, We used SVN to store assets and have version control. And we did Production Management with Online tools like SmartSheet

My thinking now was to replace the Smartsheet like tools with something like Shotgun/Ftrack so we can have nice integrations with art tools, and keep SVN/Perforce for Asset storage. You do have me wondering tho, would that be overkill?


Theodox, I still remember the talk you gave about the asset library at Bungie back in Japan (which was searchable by tags etc.) The backend was p4 right?

What are you doing for that these days?


Nowadays its Unreal, so all of the search functionality comes through that. It’s… OK. Could be better but could be worse, the main problem is how annoying it is to add extensions to the GUI front end. At least it has a pretty generous text search which makes it easy to find things

The backend is Perforce, which works alright as a storage and distribution medium. My main complaint is the fact that forces you to use exclusive locking on files. It’s understandable given their use of pure binary assets for the most part – but a giant pain in the ass, because people often end up making things locally writable for ease of use and then forgetting that they are no longer getting up to date assets.