Lxml builds for python 2.6 with vs 2005 and python 2.7 with vs 2010



Hey there,

i recently learned the hardway that the binaries from the python extension page work in neither nuke 6, nuke 7 nor nuke 8 due to being compiled with vs2008, whereas nuke 6 and nuke 7 expect 2005 and nuke 8 expect 2010. Hence i spent a painful night compiling all dependencies and the extension itself from source in these two version. Am leaving these here in case anyone hits that issue:




This is GREAT! Thanks,


Hi! i’m having the same issue now. The link is down. Do you have compiled libraries for nuke 10?



i’m sorry, but i have not created any updated builds for newer nuke versions. I will try and see if i have the setup still around at work and prepare a build. Can’t make any promises though.



hey, thank you for your answer.
If you stumble upon it - it would be great to have those online. It was such a pain to get into a compiling at our post-house that it was easier to give up on lxml. Which is such a shame, txml is time and code line saver…

Thanks again!