Maya 2019 with python 3.0



Hi heard maya 2019 is updating python


I doubt that is the case, for two reasons: 3ds Max 2019 did not make the jump to Python 3.x and Autodesk adheres to the VFX Reference Platform standards ( which don’t stipulate an upgrade to Python 3.x until calendar year 2019. Given Autodesk’s release schedule that would mean that Maya 2020 would be the absolute earliest a possible Python 3.x upgrade would occur.


Also, probably much more likely that we’ll see python 3.5 or higher, as previous versions will be in a similar support situation to 2.7. (no longer supported by python-dev)

Personally hoping for at least 3.6, as I want a version that gets me f-strings.


Unfortunately – it looks like we will have to wait another year before a python 3 update –

Taken from the link that Jeff posted above:

The move to Python 3 has been pushed to CY2020


Well that is frustrating.
What are the odds that vendors actually comply with the request for a python3 preview version?