Maya exporter for .x


I am looking into getting a DirectX exporter working for Maya and am having a hard time about it. I found some code from Chad Vernon, but it does not work with animations and he hasn’t support it for some time. Does anyone know of an option or where I should look?




Hey, guy! So, are you trying to write an .x file yourself, or looking for an existing solution that exports the file? The only thing I saw was a very old exporter for Maya 7 (You know… when it was still Alias :expressionless: ). Are there any solutions for converting .fbx to .x?


Yah, I saw that exporter but it does not include animation, which is what we actually want. And the guy who wrote it no longer supports it. I was wondering if anyone had made any mods to it or knew of some plugin that I was just missing. We found that we can export using Max or Blender so we are looking more that way for now. But I do plan to revisit this to see if we can somehow find a way to export through Maya, as that is our preferred animation package.


Yeah, that’s why I was curious on the FBX -> .x conversion. Would at least allow you to stay in Maya.


I wasn’t able to get any fbx to .x conversions to work. I found a piece of code called fbx2x.exe but it was not running and I didn’t have time to get the code and find out why, but I think it was missing the animation part as I mentioned.


Blender has a .x exporter. You could export to fbx, load it in Blender and then export from there.


that is what we ended up using for now


Here’s mel script:

It’s old but you may be able to modify it to get a full solution.