Maya Feedback: Make our voice heard!


So recently Autodesk opened a Maya Uservoice/feedback site.

I’ve been very critical of Autodesk for their feature choices. They say they develop what they do because it’s what people ask for. I’ve said they have notoriously top-down interaction with the community and they’re talking to the wrong people- not enough voices from the ground.

So here’s our chance to change it. I want us to unite behind a few proposals and blow them out of the water. And when they announce it as a feature, I want to be able to say, “We made it so!”. And when they don’t announce it, I want to use it to press them for answers.

So go! Vote! And if you have a good idea, post it, and post back here asking people to vote for it.

One I think we are all in agreement on is, open source FBX. Vote for it!


My personal faves are:

Open source FBX:
Improve the Script Editor:
Consolidate Node Editors:
Composite Nodes in the Node Editor:


Added my last two votes to your idea Rob, though you kind of can do this with assets and publishing attributes unless I am not understanding your use of the term for composite nodes.


Cast my votes - a lot of really good and needed suggestions here. Need a little more traction I think to get Autodesk to really notice and change things. :slight_smile: I’ve sent the link around - I hope other folks do too!


This is a step in the right direction for Autodesk and Maya. Their image has suffered over the years, much of it self inflicted with many artists losing hope. With luck, some of these suggestions will be implemented in future service packs and releases. And yes, open source FBX!


Assets are shit. There are multiple feedbacks about how messed up they are :slight_smile:


Thanks! I didn’t know about this :slight_smile: Here is my personal favourite, a suggestion I added myself: :lookdown:


Interesting that they’re just getting around to starting this for Maya. They’ve had one up for 3ds Max for several years.


The Max one has had limited success. The “small annoying things” one has proved quite useful. But the big stuff they’ve mostly ignored in favour of low hanging fruit. UVUnwrap being unbearably slow has been in the top five or ten for ages but that’s a major job so it’s been ignored in favour of simpler stuff like being able to navigate the viewport while cutting and creating. They’re not obliged to do anything, but at least it indicated user interest in different things.


My understanding was that the Max one was the first ‘toe in the water’ and was the test of the process in general. Once refined the plan was to have other products also use it.

Personally I’m glad to finally see it implemented, as not only is it one way for people to feedback to Autodesk, but it also makes people think and perhaps prioritise what they might want fixed.
I think the Max was one has been successful on both counts, but the problem with the big stuff is, it’s exactly what it is - big stuff. And this usually requires more work and time for it to get implemented. People could be highlighting things that are already in the works, and in that case, it can be a way of validating.


There is a new question from Autodesk on the Open source FBX request.

Maybe some of you might have an answer:)


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