Maya Mel command - nHair



Hello Guys,
I not strong at mel, i have some questions about this command.

I need change .pointLock atribute for all selected hair curves, how its do correctly?
My variant script not works with nHair node

     //Lists the transform nodes of all selected objects
     string $nodes[] = ls -selection;
     for ($node in $nodes)
            //Loop through each object and obtain its shape node
            string $shapes[] = listRelatives -shapes $node;
           //Set the visibility attribute of each shape node to 0
           //The shape node is saved to the 1st (or 0th) element of the $shape array
           setAttr ($shapes[0] + ".pointLock") (0);

Thanks for help


Is .pointLock supposed to be surrounded by bolding? Or is that just formatting?


hey, yeah Its just formatting


how about

setAttr ($shapes[0] + ".pointLock") (0);

shouldn’t it be

setAttr ($shapes[0] + ".pointLock", 0);