Maya Motion Path visualizer: tcMotionPath Fix or alternatives



I made heavy use of this motion path visualization helper tcMotionPath on my last project, but something about my environment or a tool update causes this error:

from tcMotionPath import tcMotionPath
# Error: TypeError: file D:\projects\deploy\maya\tcMotionPath\1.0\python\tcMotionPath\ line 1191: 'PySide.QtGui.QMainWindow.tabifyDockWidget' called with wrong argument types:
  PySide.QtGui.QMainWindow.tabifyDockWidget(PySide.QtGui.QDockWidget, MotionPathWidget)

I’m not overly attached to this tool in particular, except that I can’t seem to find any alternative and maya’s built in motion path visualization is slow, heavy weight and generally dysfunctional. I also don’t know how to ID where this script is running from as that path doesn’t actually exist and this came from an MSI.