Maya python plugin crash if Quadro drivers is used



I’ve got a bug report from users of my BroDynamics plugin that it freezes Maya at startup, and after their investigation they were able to narrow it down to “It crashes only if nVidia Quadro driver is installed”. They even tested it on a fresh machine, it worked with regular driver, but once they changed it to nVidia Quadro one - starts crashing.

My plugin is a Python project, it loads itself as a python plugin, just like ART v2 from Jeremy Ernst does. And from the logs I got it seems that this step works fine. And it seems that it crashes somewhere at the start of the build of it’s menu for Maya’s top menu bar, but I can’t be sure right now.

Unfortunately I don’t have any Quadro cards anywhere in proximity to test it myself. I wonder if anyone here knows about any problems with Maya\Python scripting that could be caused by the nVidia Quadro Driver?

Thanks a lot for your time and attention!