[Maya][Python] Tools Question -> 3D pipeline example tools


I want to learn more python and do some side projects at home.
So, I was wondering If anyone could tell me, apart form an asset manager, the most common tool for a 3D pipeline for games.
Or some useful tool I could write.

So, I would be very grateful is some of you guys could point me some examples of tools I could write.

Thank you so much in advice :slight_smile:


Well the base pipeline when you work as TechArt in a 3D team is :
1 - Set Project interface to keep project clean and relative path for texture, etc…
2 - Export tool (one click export to game project) (static mesh, skeleton, animation, etc…)

After it is more about team request & need… depending of projects, etc…


A great starter project is a window which runs a series of scene checks (things like “no degenerate faces” or “all objects have an assigned material”). Besides learning how to do the actual checks in Python you can learn a good deal about how to organize the code and make it modular – you’d like to be able to add to the list of checks and run them without re-writing the whole thing… There was a discussion thread on the tech-artists.slack.com a week ago or so, it has probably not scrolled off yet.


If you’re not in the slack channel itself (you should join, its great).

The topic was on the 6th, so you’ll have to scroll down. Also the archive is annoying because it is in reverse. Haven’t really figured out a good way around that problem yet.