[Maya/Vray] - remapHSV node killing dynamic range of HDRI


Hey all! Got a question about color grading an HDRI used for IBL directly inside of Maya, so here goes…

I have a HDRI mapped to a vray dome tex in Maya. It is way too saturated so I pipe it through a remapHSV and zero’d out all saturation. I change my input min/max to ‘0’ and my output min/max to ‘100’ to account for the 32bit greatness of the HDRI I’m using. Rendering out the hdri seems to have a slight washed out effect on my scene after being piped into the remapHSV. If I go zero the saturation out in Photoshop directly and save/use a copy of the HDRI with zero saturation, NOT piping it through a remapHSV node, but directly into the domeTex, I get blacker blacks in my reflection. More ‘dynamic range’ I guess…

So what am I doing wrong here? I tried setting my input/output min to -1 thinking that would cover the blacks better, but it did not.

Any ideas? Thank you.

P.S. - How do yo calculate the input/output min/max of a HDRI? I just put 0/100 in both input and output, but I suspect that’s not the most precise way of going about it.