Maya won't mirror skin weights



I’ve reskinned a character and Maya won’t mirror the skinning. I select the mesh and have the right settings but it doesn’t do anything. Does anyone know what could have happened? Because I was able to mirror the skinning on the character before. I also can’t unbind the skin and keep history for some reason, which I also was able to do before but the skinning history gets deleted now.


I’m assuming that the character is in bind pose for all of this? If so, I suppose it’s possible that something went wrong on one of the bind nodes. At this point I would try exporting the weights, unbinding and cleaning house, then re-skinning and importing the weights back on.


I have not changed the rigs pose. I’ve tried exporting the weights (which gives me an error message but I still have an exported file). However, when I unbind the skin and delete non-deformer history and rebind the skin the skinned mesh disappears.