New to HLSL



Hey, I am trying to learn HLSL to better understand how shaders work and eventually write some of my own. However I seem to be at a loss as to where to start. Does anyone have any suggestions of how to go about tackling this beast? Thanks!


Id recommend this series :

Great product and a very good place to start


There’s also Luiz Kruel’s DVD on Eat3D:
[edit]Sorry, totally forgot Luiz’s DVD covers CGFX, and not HLSL. They’re quite similar, though.[/edit]

I got my start, though, by going through Ben Cloward’s generously-provided (and well-commented!) shaders:


An entire book for free: Its in CG but as Lotekk has stated, the differences are so minuscule it won’t matter too much.

I found this helpful


Thanks guys, all of this has been super helpful!