Node Based Rigging



Short write up of a node based rigging framework I have been working on:


I liked the graph design. Very similar to the one we have in our inhouse engine :slight_smile:

Did you consider using existing node-based system like Fabric Engine?



Hey Homamo,

That looks like quite a nice visualisation - does the radius of the circles denote meaning?

Regarding Fabric - we have very recently started looking at it, its incredibly interesting. Its definitely something we’re considering investing in, though given where we’re at i’d imagine we’d utilise canvas within our components as opposed to Kraken (but who knows!). From what i have played with Fabric its pretty awesome!


In the older version of the editor (shown in the previous screenshot) the size has no indication and it is the same for all nodes. In the current version the size indicates if the node is a compound node or it is just a simple node.

Good luck with the rigging tool :slight_smile: