Nodes which lock down/change the colour of attributes in attribute editor?



Is there any resource that lists which nodes in Maya prevent any user input to their driven connections? Similarly, any list of which nodes produce which colours in driven attributes?

For example, you connect a multiplyDivide to an object’s translate - the translate values turn yellow, and you cannot change them by hand. However, if you connect an animBlendAdditive in the same way, attributes still turn yellow, but the object can be moved and keyed by the user.

I have a seamless Fk/Ik system set up, using blocking nodes to save offsets whenever one chain is active over the other, possible through animBlend nodes - these automatically add any user-made keys on their driven object as a second input, and so allow direct blending between user and system influence on the driven object. The only problem is that animBlends turn driven attributes yellow. The ideal would be to turn values light-red, and allow for the bright red when an artist sets a key.

Do any of you know more, and is there any way to change any of this?


I think the color of the AE field is not accessible. A lot of people will drive the scene colors of objects by controlling display overrides, but I don’t recall ever having seen this done…

AFAIK the editability for anim blend nodes in particular is special cased in Maya.


Wouldn’t be too hard to “connectControl” to a float slider group where you have control over the colours, and put it in your own UI, if it was work you are doing all the time. Using a scriptjob on “selectionChanged” and in the script connect the controls to Scale Rot Translate and detect type of node connected if any.