Personal Website


Hey guys, I finally have a personal website. It’s been kind of a process because I’m usually working on something else and kinda push it off to the side. I initially built the site with a light theme in mind, but once I was done coding everything in and looked at a few other technical artist websites I realized I wanted it to be dark.

Any critiques or suggestions would be awesome!

Thanks guys!


Aesthetically, site looks great! I would add a link to your current resume and make that easy to obtain. Not sure if you’re looking for crits on your python scripts or not.

I see you’re using github a lot for showing scripts and everything, but going to your github account, you have no repositories, at least no public ones. Maybe turn your scripts into a package and put into a single repo?

Anyhow, there’s not much to crit on the site, looks great


Yeah, definitely make sure any of the super important “Quick Picture” stuff is extremely easy to find and get to. Resume and Demo Reel (Make sure there’s a link that actually says “Demo Reel” instead of only burying it under Rigging) should always be a click away at any time on any page. Make it as idiot-proof as possible, because you never want to first impression of a recruiter/lead looking through tons of websites being one of frustration even in the slightest when associating with you. Make that stuff super easy to get to and digest, then have the other stuff available to get to if they want to see more.

Another thing you might want to do is instead of only your logo up top, have your name and desired title right there as well. Build a brand, and let people know immediately who you are and that you know what you do. Don’t make them work for a thing, just let them focus on the work. Right up top: Aaron Carlisle - Character TD / Tech Artist / Whatever you wanna be called. Avoid more than 1 or 2.


Working on my own site, so I like to see examples of other people building their own sites. Dark theme gives the site a professional look and when adjusting the window size everything is responsive, so looks good. I suppose the only suggestions I would make is that necessary external links should open in a new tab (e.g. linkedin link on contact page) instead of the open tab. On the other hand, I think the four rigging videos hosted on youtube should all be view able from your website, if possible. The first video can be watched on your site but the other videos open up in a new tab on YouTube, but I think the longer you keep visitors on your site the better. Anyways, just my two cents. I hope I can make a site that looks this great someday.


I like your site. Going with a dark theme +1 signature color looks neat, modern and professional. But…
What is your title?
Logo says Character Technical Director, Rigger
Text says Technical Artist