Post your blog link!



thanks for pushing me to give blogging another try :slight_smile: now to add all the stuff I collected… all kinds of stuff from Python, C++, HLSL, you-name-it. There’s just so many things you encounter when working for a big outsourcer.


(will buy shorter domain someday :slight_smile: )



Not so much activity right now, but perhaps that’s something to change :slight_smile:


Got about nothing on it now, but I plan on ramping up the awesome this year :slight_smile:



Got about nothing on it now, but I plan on ramping up the awesome this year :)[/QUOTE]

Your link seems to be teh busted ( :tear:


Mostly about maxscript / and other random thoughts.



XNA and C# projects mostly. Don’t get to post as often as I’d like these days though. :(:


I should write more technical stuff… :sigh: Mainly it’s rigging related + projects I worked on.


Thanks. No idea why the part got added in. I had to delete it and redo it to make it work.




Maya /Python ,Api and scripting


Just getting mine started…


Mine!! I’m not industry though!! Bleh…


for the Google reader inclined, that doesn’t feel like adding them all individually… :


Awesome! I’ll get an announcement for this posted soon. Thanks Dave!

Now, any genius want to figure out how we could crosswalk blog posts/comments and forum threads?


this thread will definately provides a good list of blogs in coming days :wink:


mine needs updating…

mel, python and rigging stuff


Here my blog which I just created, doesn’t contain much at the moment, but will hopefully contain posts about python and my quest to become a tech artists of some description.


Most of my rambling is about managing tech artists (animators and 3D artists too).