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Maya stuff:


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#43 - Mostly a smattering of Python, Mel, Rigging and a smattering of other things. Gonna start posting some more stuff on PyQt and the such. Mine is still mostly geared towards folks new to Tech Art in general and I don’t think that will change as I like that “demographic” - so to speak.

#44 mostly things that agravate me.


Rigging,Scripting and Pipeline stuff


Mostly tools and projects related to shading, lighting, and rendering.


My website/blog about rigging/animation/scripting in Maya and UDK. Still learning, but will try to contribute some tutorials as well.


Lately, it seems that I rarely surface to post entries (or at least finish them…lots of ‘drafts’ still :sigh: )

Anyway, currently i have some stuff about MEL, Maxscript, or just general TA stuff pipeline, and a few broader areas of our role and workflow (most of which are still in my ‘queue’)

I imagine that my future posts may be heard echoing from the dark vastness, and barren realm of the MoBu. But, i’ll have the serpent with me, so all should be good.

And…i just realized the potential i created for a horridly titled post entry. Then it began to rain dead kittens from the sky. Ya know if that mythos is indeed correct. :no::scared::nod:

>> Jason B
>> ΦmniZed


Hey Rob, could you remove my old site RSS and replace it with the new one?
The old one was from

The new one:


I’ll try and update these when I get a chance in a couple weeks.


Roger that! Thanks

#52 - Art student that flirts with scripting when he gets the chance. Mostly maya python / api.



I’d like to add mine. The TAOggregator is offline, but if you put it back up and could add it also:
Twitter: eksimioni

I haven’t posted much recently, but hope to give it some more love soon. About everything technical art/animation related, specially pymel/maxscript.


Great to see so many blogs being posted here and I find them very inspirational and good learning resources.

Here is my little blog:
My notes about rigging


python, rigging, maya, and lots of face rigging tom foolery.




here’s an updated google reader bundle that i think has all of the previous… (and probably a few others, since its up to 70 feeds?!) its still probably only 4-5 posts a day though, so have fun.


I will post scripting stuff when I feel I have something worth spreading all over the interwebz.


Well done, Dave!
I added your bundle link to feedburner
You beat me to it. I started gathering the feeds about a week ago, but now i realize i was making it more difficult than needed. The bundle feature in gReader is very cool.

I was using RSSMix
This one only has the 47 blogs that were posted on this thread (if i counted correctly)
Here’s what it gave me…

Your new RSS file is here: (opens in a new window)
Your can see an HTML version of the content here:

and of course feedburner didn’t care much for it.

Rob, as far as finding system to plug them into TAO, you might find something useful at the following links

rss2array - simple to use PHP parser, fetches an RSS feed and dumps it into an array.
MagpieRSS- Well known PHP library for parsing RSS feeds!
SimplePie- RSS parsing PHP class, recommended for YouTube feeds. RSSMix uses SimplePie.
Especially here >


I started my blog journey today.
I would love to hear your feedback :slight_smile: