Post your blog link!



Realtime Game FX and im slowly posting more about game projects that i would like to make.


oh go on then…

Got a few of you guys from here on my blogroll :slight_smile:


Just a new blog for sharing my work and some useful links, resource and many more,…etc
I am not good at making tutorials but i can share all the links to tutorials in my blog.


I just started a character-focused tech art blog.

I’m starting by documenting the process of a cartoony rig named “Mini Mammoth”. I’ll also be blogging about rigging and tech art in general, characters in cartoons/film and Python.


Trying to see if I can get into the Blog business. Let me know what you guys think about it?



I guess I should add mine to here:



(I really should get around to posting more…)


I have been known to update this from time to time:



Alright Akram, Sveinbjorn (I anglicized for the blog feed), and Tekk, your blogs have been added. Randall’s, I added yours previously and everyone else in this thread should have already been there.


I should update my link probably:


Hey Rob, Can you update my link to


Yeah, why not…I got some nice exposure on maxunderground for doing some summaries on this years End User Event in Utrecht, since then I´m trying to keep up with some original content during render times…I´m trying to focus on character design and rigging and I hope even though I´m just at the beginning yet, there will be some interesting stuff to follow…:

#75 I update it when I can. Should have a lot of content in the upcoming months.



Hey, hopefully my ratio of technical posts to chaff is high enough:


Aye! Seth, Samuel, Shawn and Morgan, your feeds have been added and Akaram I have updated your feed. Give me a buzz if you have any issues or questions.


Mainly to do with the Red9 Studio Pack releases and things I’m developing in Maya:


You can remove my old one ( and add my new one me and my friend just started:


Thats updated now Erik. Should refresh in an hour of less. :slight_smile: