Python and meshes in Maya


I’m a totally beginner in Python and Maya. I’m studying Python (for Maya) for my Bachelor Thesis in Computer Engineering and I need to concentrate on mesh deformations and so on. First of all I have to understand how to import (I think this is the first thing I should learn XD) and manipulate meshes through Python in Maya, but all the resources I’ve found in the web explain Python for general purpose, not for mesh manipulations. Could you suggest me a good book or site or even a group of tutorials from which I could start learning Python for manipulation of meshes in Maya?
Thank you so much!


Chad Vernon has a tutorial on creating a wrap deformer for Maya.

While I think it is in C++, the python API is a fairly thing wrapper, and the concepts should carry over pretty well.


It seems really good but the course to learn how to make his deformer costs 80$ and I was searching for something cheaper to start. You can download his code for free on github but I’m afraid I’m not yet at the level to learn only looking at his code.


Oh sorry about that, didn’t realize it was paid.

For some reason I had remembered reading it years ago.


Don’t worry, I’ve saved his website for future learning so you’ve been very useful :slight_smile:
Do you know other sources from which I could learn?


Rob Galanakis wrote “Practical Maya Programming” which covers a lot of great topics in Maya.

Chapter 7 includes how to navigate and understand the API docs (which is the hard part. Once you can understand the structure of the docs, you can begin to teach yourself.) It includes “Learning the Maya Python API by example”. This chapter includes how to construct a mesh and set normals.

I thought it had an API example where you randomly jitter vertices too. But that might be from “Maya Python for Film and Games.”


Thank you so much, it seems exactly what I was looking for!